Encounters At The Cross


We read stories in the Bible describing how Jesus came to be our Savior and died for our sins, but there’s a difference between knowing about something and personally encountering it. Imagine how incredible it was to be there, to see it all unfold.

As Easter approaches, join Pastor Erik Lawson and the Element Church family as we encounter the reality of what Christ did for us and stand together in the shadow of the Cross.

The Church Is The Lord’s Body

March 14th, 2015 — Pastor Erik Lawson

What a picture of Gods love for us. He created us to be with him but we left him for the world. When we come back to him He receives us with love and grace. During this season of LENT while reflecting on Christ we are going to look at some key passages around His journey to the cross and His is resurrection.

The Body

March 21st, 2015 — Pastor Erik Lawson

At the events leading up to the crucifixion we see different characters and how they treat the Lords body. We are all found in this story. There was Judas sold the Lords body, Peter who denied the body, disciples who fled from the body during Jesus time of need, Pilot who didn’t defend the body because he feared the crowd, false witness who lied about the body for personal gain, Pharisees who found fault with the body and “said crucify him” the Romans who beat his body and by standards who did nothing. In the middle of this dark hour we see a few people who served and cared for his body. Who are we in this story?

Christ’s Home

March 29th, 2015 — Pastor Jim Lafoon

“Come and see!” “Go and tell!” These words are at the very essence of our mission. Yet two thousand years after Christ’s resurrection, are there any places left on this planet where our family, friends, and coworkers can truly experience the reality of who our Savior is?