Family Face Off


Outside of God, your family is the most important prize you will ever win in life. The left-hooks of the world come at us with full force and try to knock us off our feet, but we need to stay in the ring, fight side by side and learn to recognize our real opponent. And even if we don’t win every round, it’s never too late to make a big comeback. 

This weekend, join Pastor Erik and the Element Church family as we train to win with coaching from God’s Word and learn how to become champions in the battle for our families.

Family Fights

April 11th, 2015 — Pastor Erik Lawson

We have all fought with family but we are going to see that the real battle isn’t with family but for our family. Dating and honeymoon is great then it ends pretty quick and it can feel like your trapped in a fight to the death cage match

Winning The Battle For Your Family

April 19th, 2015 — Pastor Steve Robinson

Prior to the fall and sin entering the world, the marriage relationship was filled with purity, a clean conscience, and emotional vulnerability. As we move through this series we are going to talk about the damaging effects of allowing sin and selfishness into our marriages and how to get healing when you have been impacted by it. I believe that God’s grace is able to restore any broken marriage here today. But we are going to have to do it God’s way.

Fighting For Your Marriage

April 25th, 2015 — Pastor Erik Lawson

The deepest need for a woman is to be loved and the deepest need of a man if to feel respected. Respect is a big deal for a man. Marine Commercials – the few, the proud, the intimate? They appeal to honor and respect. They don’t use love, closeness and intimacy in the ads. A man will die for honor and respect!

Create A Rhythm

May 3rd, 2015 — Pastor Jason Martin

It’s not quantity OR quality time you need as a family. It’s the quantity of quality times.

Family Panel

May 10th, 2015 — Pastor Erik Lawson

We have been in series Family Face Off and we are going to do a review of highlights and bring application to it from the lives of our staff and add some fresh insights too.