Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday Survival Guide


Compass? Check! First Aid Kit? Check! Flashlight? Check!

These things don’t usually come to mind when you’re preparing for the holidays, but when you consider all the commitments you have to make, all the relatives you have to visit, and all the things you have to do this time of year, it can be overwhelming. Squeezing it all in can leave you depressed, hurt and empty.

This November, join us for the series, “Holiday Survival Guide,” and learn how to conquer the stress and obstacles of the season and go from just surviving to thriving!

Holiday Survival Guide — Pt1


November 7th, 2015 — Pastor Erik Lawson

When you look at Holiday season do any of these words come to mind? Stressed out, over committed, running on empty, financially broke, dazed and confused, irritated and the list could go on. In our new series Holiday survival guide we are going to give you the tools from the Bible (Gods survival kit) that will help you survive to thrive. 

Holiday Survival Guide — Pt2

Sanity Stealers

November 15th, 2015 — Pastor Aaron Grijalva

In this message pastor Aaron shares about the things that can steal our peace as a Christian during the holiday season. We also discover that the truth is that the holiday season brings us closer to the ones who steal our sanity!

Holiday Survival Guide — Pt3


November 22nd, 2015 — Pastor Erik Lawson

We have talked about stress during the holiday season and how to deal with the crazy people in our lives. In this message we take a look at loneliness and how we can use the holiday season to build bridges and connect with the people that matter most.

Holiday Survival Guide — Pt4


November 29th, 2015 — Pastor Nathan Elder

When reality sets in and we see that our expectations weren’t met, it can leave us frustrated, hurt or even bitter.  The holidays tend to paint a perfect picture of snow softly falling, presents neatly wrapped under a perfect Christmas tree and a family laughing and smiling the piano singing Christmas carols.  But those perfect pictures can leave each on of us focusing on the wrong things.  It creates unrealistic expectations that distort our view of the real reasons we should be celebrating