It's Not Over Yet


When God began writing history, He had you in mind. You have a specific place in the grand scheme of God’s plan. In our message series, It’s Not Over Yet, Pastor Erik will encourage you to find that place! When God has a plan for a family, community, or nation, He always starts with one person who is willing to answer the call and accept the challenge to build something greater than themselves. Please join us for this message series, as we discover the part God has designed for each of in building His kingdom.

It's Not Over Yet — Part 1


March 6th, 2016 — Pastor Erik Lawson

In this message Pastor Erik shares the elements of a God-sized vision. He breaks it down into 5 important aspects. You become aware, you get a burden, you get overwhelmed, you go to God, and you get together with other believers.

It's Not Over Yet — Part 2

Faith That Overcomes

March 13th, 2016 — Pastor Steve Robinson

Some of you are facing some overwhelming situations today that there seems to be no way out. It’s in those moments where we need to trust God and realize it's not over yet. In this message, Pastor Steve shares elements of a faith that overcomes.

It's Not Over Yet — Part 3

More Than A Wall

March 20, 2016 — Pastor Aaron Grijalva

Nehemiah's story is more than what we think. Nehemiah is known most for rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem, but there is more at work here. There are two things God was building the wall being built. He was building a city and a people.