Pastor Erik & Christy

Dear Church Family,

Christy and I are excited about the vision God has given our church. We stand in awe of His continued faithfulness. Since the beginning of 2006, our church has increased from a handful of people to a family of nearly 3,500 in weekend attendance. Our vision has always been to Reach People and Build Lives. The next step in our journey enables us to continue doing just that. REACH addresses our pressing need to secure our location and positions us for the future growth and greater community impact of our church family.

Now is the time to take the next step in what God has called us to do. At each step along the way to reaching more people for Christ, our church family has celebrated the miraculous things God has done. We’ve made the decision to give sacrificially, not only in response to what God wanted to do for us, but also expecting Him to do great things for others. Sacrificial love comes straight from the heart of Jesus and is the substance that legacies are made of.

Our prayer is that together we will move forward in unity to leave a lasting impact on our world. As you read through this story and access our website to watch the real-life testimonies of the impact we are making as a church family, I encourage you to embrace this God-given vision to reach our community, our region, and our world for Christ. 

This is our moment to be shaped into the kind of people God can use to transform a community for Christ. As we join our hearts together on this journey, we will move from what we can do to what God can do through us. It’s time for us to REACH.

Pastor Erik & Christy Lawson


The facts are simple. We are out of space and our lease is going to expire. We’ve creatively expanded our seating capacity, our children’s areas, and our parking options, yet our facility is reaching its limits. Our need is this: We need to secure our future in our current location and we need to add seats for your friends, your family members, and hundreds of others from our community who need the hope of Jesus and a church like Element.

We are at a defining moment as a church, and the question is simple: Do we want to create more space for more people? Until this point, every time we’ve added seats, God has added souls. We believe He will do it again.

Now it’s time to take the steps to permanently secure our current location and create more space for those who need Christ. A place we can truly call home. A place where we can raise our families, influence our community, and impact our world. It’s time for us to REACH!


Empty Nesters

  • 24% of our community is age 50 or older*
  • Want to make an impact with their time, wisdom, and resources
  • Searching for a significant purpose worth investing themselves into
  • Discover purpose in Christ, a church family, and building His kingdom
  • Mentors to the future leaders of the church and society

De-Churched & Lost People

  • Reach those who have walked away from the church experience
  • Welcome people back into an authentic faith community
  • Demonstrate that the local church is the hope of the world
  • Spiritually engage the 16% of our community that is single*
  • Provide culturally relevant, scripturally sound ministry

Families Raising Kids

  • 67% of the community is married*
  • 14% of community families are living in a single-parent home*
  • 6.4% of kids under 18 are living in households below poverty level*
  • Reach couples for Christ before crisis strikes
  • Help families raise kids to know and love God
  • 64% of Christians respond to the Gospel before the age of 18

People Moving Here

  • Fastest-growing area in Missouri with a population increase of 322%*
  • Projected to grow exponentially in the next 5 years
  • Lower cost of living, affordable housing, and predicted job growth
  • People are coming to us; we need to be ready


This God-sized task is far beyond the ability of any one person. The three-year need of $5M for REACH will require sacrifice from each of us. This is a challenge to be prayerfully and financially involved in the REACH vision and journey.

Because we’re so passionate about reaching people, God has done something very special here at Element Church. REACH is not about numbers or statistics, because every number has a name, and every statistic has a story. REACH is not about a building. It’s about building lives. A building is simply a tool to reach more people for Christ. That’s the heart of our church: reaching the people Jesus died for. It’s about adding story after story of new lives being changed. That’s why we exist as a church.

The decisions we make today affect not only our generation, but also generations to come. When you walk through our building on any given weekend, the need for additional space is evident. God is calling us to act now to meet these crucial needs to prepare for the future harvest of souls who need Christ in our community.

You have the opportunity to make a three-year faith commitment, over and above your regular tithes and offerings, on Commitment Weekend, November 8-9, 2014. Commitment Cards will be provided in the preceding weekends. This will be a spiritual journey we take as a church family, and God is going to stretch us and show Himself faithful on our behalf. Please begin now to pray about your financial investment in REACH. 

We’re confident that as we add seats, God will add souls.