Seeds Of Success


We're all looking to grow in wisdom and find success in this life. But sometimes we feel like we just can't succeed, no matter what we do. In this message series, Pastor Erik shares the seeds of success God has given us in His Word to overcome life's challenges and live the life He has planned for us. 

Seeds Of Success — Pt1


May 15, 2016 — Pastor Erik Lawson

If given the choice between riches, victory over enemies, long life or wisdom which would we choose? In this message, Pastor Erik gives us insight on how to make wise decisions in our life.

Seeds Of Success — Pt2


May 22, 2016 — Pastor Aaron Grijalva

The most successful people know how to surround themselves with the right people. Our friendships with others are based on acceptance, enjoyment, and concern. In this message, Pastor Aaron shares some personal stories about some of his closest friends and how picking the right people to be in your life is one of the biggest decisions we can make.

Seeds Of Success — Pt3


May 29, 2016 — Pastor Jason Martin

In this message, Pastor Jason shares practical steps on how to lead your children with God's Word. However, no matter what stage of life you are in there is something for you in this message.

Seeds Of Success — Pt4


June 5, 2016 — Pastor Nathan Elder

What you allow to affect your heart influences everything in your life. Pastor Nathan shares that by being rooted in Jesus we find our purpose.

Seeds Of Success — Pt5


June 12, 2016 — Pastor Jacob LeBlanc

Have you ever worked for something for a really long time, gave it everything you had, sacrificed, only to end up a failure? Maybe you’ve worked all your life to climb the corporate ladder. Maybe you’re raising kids and they aren’t turning out exactly how you hoped they would. Maybe you’re in a relationship that you thought would be the answer to all of your problems. In this message, you will learn how to have success in the areas that matter most and keep it.