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Summer Vacation


Summer is to be a time of rest and relaxation but it has turned into just another season of business.  What would it be like if we got to have a vacation from the craziness of life?  Imagine what it would look like if we put rest back in our lives and actually went on Summer Vacation!


July 3, 2016 — Nathan Elder

We live in a day and age where distractions and notifications are going off all around us, bidding for our time and attention. It's almost as if we gear up for our vacation to finally take the time to relax, rest and recharge. However, is that how God designed it to be? In this message, Pastor Nathan shares the benefits of resting in Christ.

How To Maintain Rest

July 10, 2016 — Jacob LeBlanc

In this message, Pastor Jacob discusses how to maintain this concept of rest on a continual basis. It’s pretty easy to be restful when you’re sipping a smoothie on the beach or at the lake! But there are some practical things that we can do to stay connected to what’s important.