Positive Change

Sweeter Together


Relationships are tough. When two imperfect people try to live happily ever after, something is bound to go wrong. When it comes to love, marriage, sex, parenting, and everything in between, the good news is that God has provided us with wisdom in the Bible on how to do life and relationships the right way. In this message series by Pastor Erik, you’ll learn some practical steps to make sure that you and your spouse will always be sweeter together.

Sweeter Together — Part 1


February 6, 2016 — Pastor Erik Lawson

Don’t you wish you could just pop a smarties before you do or say something and it made you smarter? Well, there is no such candy but the Bible is sweet and will make you much smarter in your relationships. 

Sweeter Together — Part 2


February 14, 2016 — Pastor Aaron Grijalva

How many of us could use a miracle in our relationships? In this message, we talk about the jawbreaker moments in our relationships, ways to show honor in our communications, and learn what Jesus says about love.

Sweeter Together — Part 3

Red Hots

February 21, 2016 — Pastor Erik Lawson

In this message Pastor Erik talks about one of the best love songs in the Bible, the Song of Solomon. He also shares some practical steps on how to have Red Hot Romance in our marriage.

Sweeter Together — Part 4

Sour Patch Kids

February 28, 2016 — Pastor Aaron Grijalva

Parenting is hard and sometimes we do only what we know. However, God has a plan for you and your children. In this message Pastor Aaron shares practical steps on Biblical parenting.