The world is shouting for your attention with so-called answers to all your family, career, and money troubles. Sometimes the stress can get to be too much — You know you need a change. But no matter what you try, the world’s promises always leave you empty. Whether your struggles are relational, emotional, physical, or financial, God wants more for your life!

Don’t miss this series, where Pastor Erik Lawson will share simple steps to help transform your life into the better life God has for you.

Transformed — Part 1


January 3rd, 2016 — Pastor Erik Lawson

Most our goals are focused around the physical part of our lives. However, transformation takes time. In this message Pastor Erik shares that one of the best steps we can do is renew our mind with God's word. 


Transformed — Part 2


January 10th, 2016 — Pastor Erik Lawson

Every one of us has a "gorilla" in our life that causes a lot of stress. A gorilla could be a bad habit, bad attitude, a wrong belief, etc. However, the gorillas in our lives don't just affect you but they also affect the people around you. If we remove the gorilla we will remove much of the stress. 

Transformed — Part 3


January 17th, 2016 — Pastor Erik Lawson

In this message Pastor Erik shares some practical steps on how to understand our emotions. In this message you will learn that God has emotions, emotions are a gift, and how to avoid emotional extremes.

Transformed — Part 4

10-Year Celebration

January 24th, 2016 — Pastor Erik & Christy Lawson

In this message Pastor Erik and Mrs Christy share some special moments from the past 10-years. It is a great message to reflect what God has done through Element. This message also gives you an opportunity to hear the church's heart. 

Transformed — Part 5


January 31st, 2016 — Pastor Erik Lawson

Pastor Erik wraps up the Transformation series talking about financial transformation. Jesus talked more about money than He did Heaven & Hell. Half of all the stories Jesus shared are about money & stewardship. The reason is money influences every part of our lives, and If we don’t learn to manage money, money will manage us.