Life Development Classes are for everyone, at every stage of life. Whether you have a lot of time or a little. Classes give you a place to grow deeper in your relationship with Christ and deeper in community. Each class will be four-weeks long for 1½ hours each week. During that time, you will be taught by an approved teacher and have discussion about what you are learning.


Fall Schedule

On Thursdays during the month of October you can sign up to attend any one of the following:

Better Together.jpg

Marriage is hard, but God is good. Join us as we dive into the topic of marriage and how we can grow closer to God and our spouse.

Taught By Josh and Chrissy Murphy

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If you are new to the Christian faith, or just need a Fresh Start in your relationship with God—you are not alone. Join with other believers to grow and experience truth life change together. Fresh Start is a four-week video teaching series with discussion designed to give everyone an encouraging space to talk about who God is and what having a relationship with Jesus means for your life.

Saturday & Sunday in Wentzville • Thursday in St. Charles

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Every believer should walk in the power that Christ’s sacrifice made available. To wait until you receive power from on high was God’s very last command to His disciples before He left this earth and was taken up into heaven. Why would any believer want to live without the power of the Holy Spirit in their life?

Taught By Pastor Kip and Sandy Lawson

September 27 - October 18th

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Many women live a life that’s up and down, swayed back and forth by the tide of their emotions. They never seem to experience true joy that lasts. That’s not the life God intended us to live. He has actually given us everything we need to live a life full of joy regardless of what our current circumstances dictate. In this class, we’ll delve into the why’s and how’s to live the joy-filled life God intends for us.

Taught By Heather Bunch

This Class is For Women Only

Revealing Jesus.jpg

In this four week study, you will take a tour through the garden of Eden and learn what was lost when sin entered the world, what Jesus walked in while He was on the earth, what was redeemed by His death on the cross and resurrection and what you now have “In Him” from the new birth. 

Taught By Greg And Sharon Fletcher