It has never been more important to gather in Groups.


1. Invite a group of people.

Invite people to your online group by giving them the link to your group from our website https://elementchurch.groupvitals.com/groupFinder. Click on your particular group and share that link.

2. Review the Message Discussion Questions or Curriculum.

Message Discussion questions are located at www.elementchurch.info/ or you can access our curriculum by clicking here.

3. Lead the group.

– Send a text or email through Group Vitals to welcome new people when they join your group.

– Meet at least once a week at a consistent time. Typically, an online group is successful in a 45-60-minute time frame for online or 1- 1.5 hours for in person. Be sure to start and stop on time.

– Help people feel welcome and that they belong. Lead them to build each other up in conversation and move things in a direction that inspires hope.

– Connect with your group members throughout the week. A simple text, message, or phone call is sometimes all it takes for someone to feel loved.

– Be sure to include these components:

    • Connecting – just ask everyone how their week is going.

    • Prayer – be sure to ask for prayer requests.

    • Spiritual – this is whatever curriculum you want to utilize.

Connecting with others who know us by name and to be lifted up in faith by God’s Word and pray together, is essential for our spiritual and emotional health. It is not good for people to be alone!

In a world that is currently filled with fear, anxiety, and unknowns, we have a unique opportunity to BE the church. We are confident that Jesus will be as present online as He is when we meet together.

Leading a group is easier than you might think. Truly successfully groups have one thing in common: a leader with a heart to serve and become more like Jesus.

This page outlines practical steps to help you lead your Online Small Group successfully.



Watch the video and fill out the form.

Click the button below to sign up to receive access to our Group Leader Training.


Complete our online Group Leader Training!

During Group Leader training you will have access to How To videos for utilizing our Group Vitals program to manage your group.


You Will Receive A Confirmation Email From Your Small Group Campus Coordinator About Your Group Being Entered and how to proceed.


Follow The Easy As 1, 2, 3 Process Listed Above.


1. Be Prepared.

Recommend group members to have the discussion questions downloaded prior to starting the meeting. They are available at www.elementchurch.com/resources.

2. Make sure your face is centered in the video camera.

Members probably don’t want to see only your forehead or neck throughout the meeting, so position your camera accordingly.

3. Select the quietest room/location you can find.

– Turn off anything making noise in the background (TV, radio, appliances).

– Put pets in a different room or have them in a place where they will be most quiet.

– Use headphones with a microphone if you have them.

4. Only use one device per household.

– When two devices are used in the same room, it produces feedback that affects all group participants.

– If two people feel more comfortable participating with their own devices instead of sharing the same one, each should have his or her own room for doing so.

5. Mute your computer unless you’re talking.

– If everyone’s microphone is turned on at the same time, the sound quality can be an issue and it can be hard to hear the person who is talking. The best policy is to mute yourself when you are not talking.

– If you are muted, make sure to nod your head and listen well so people can recognize you are following them.

6. Be a facilitator.

– Facilitating this group, you will need to be welcoming and in charge. Make sure as the leader you jump on a few minutes early to welcome everyone.

– Redirect the conversation or mute participants as necessary. This may feel rude at times, but it is necessary to manage a good online experience for the group.

– Generally speaking, the facilitator should talk 30% of the time and listen 70% of the time.


It doesn’t matter what you know about technology. We have some great tools and tutorials to help you be successful!


Zoom focuses on delivering high-quality video, so you can invite a Small Group onto a ‘call’ and see and hear each other. Everyone can speak, hear and contribute.

      • You can host large numbers on Zoom.
      • There are no limits to the number of meetings you can have.
      • Small Groups would be limited to 40 minutes on the free version.
      • Participants need to download Zoom and become accustomed to how it works.


Skype has been around for a while and the majority of people are familiar with the name. Skype is a stable and useful tool.

You don’t need a skype account to use it. Send a link to anyone, which they can use to access a group call. You can use this on a mobile device.

        • Free for up to 50 people.
        • Participants don’t need a skype account.


    Facebook Messenger is more than just a chat feature. It also has the ability to allow groups and individuals to create a video call, without charge.

          • Uses a platform that many are already used to.
          • Can work easily if your Small Group already has a private Facebook Group.
          • It’s Free.
          • Works with up to 50 people, but you can only see six people at a time.
          • You need a Facebook account to use this.


      Free Conference Call is a free platform that allows you to do phone calls and video calls. Below are some video tutorials in how to utilize Free Conference Call.

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