Love Life Marriage + Relationship Conference

March 10 – 11

Friday 7pm – Saturday 9am
Doors Open:  Friday 6:30pm – Saturday 8:30am
Fireside Chapel 

The LOVE LIFE Marriage + Relationship Conference is a two-day weekend live experience that equips couples in practical relationship and marriage teachings to help them navigate their dream marriage and relationship journey through interactive sessions and engaging one-on-one experiences. This conference is designed for seasoned married couples, newlywed and engaged couples, and couples venturing towards marriage.

Event Cost:

$50 per couple during pre-registration
$75 per couple on the day of the event

Childcare available for $5 per child (birth through 5th grade) – childcare will not be available for walk ins.  

Lee & Tonya Wilson

Founding Board Member of Element Church

Conference Speakers

Lee learned the power of purpose early in life. Growing up in the inner-city of Houston, Texas, Lee witnessed the profound effects of crime, drugs, mental and physical poverty. He vowed to live his life differently and to make a change. In the process, Lee realized that if purpose is never defined, change is never discovered.

Motivated by his personal experiences, Lee made it his life’s mission to empower this generation and others to define their God-given purpose.

Lee believes that with purpose, this generation can live with intention. Without it, they are left to wander aimlessly frustrated and never reaching their fullest potential.

Lee’s dedication to intentional living has inspired his 35+ year career as a pastor, author, speaker, consultant, and leadership coach. He is the founder of Lee Wilson Ministries, an organization that provides children’s and youth ministry development programming, consulting and coaching services for church and next generation leaders, and the Love Life Marriage + Relationship Conference for churches as well as one-on-one marriage mentorship.

Lee has served as Lead Pastor, Youth Pastor, Executive Pastor, and is the founder of the Face2Face National Youth Conference, NexGen podcast, Life on Purpose tour and the NexGen Academy. Lee has spoken in over 200 cities in the United States, as well as in Africa, Asia, Central America, and Europe. He and his wife Tonya have two adult daughters, Alexis and Jordan.

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