The goal of marriage mentoring is to build strong, life-long marriages. Marriage mentoring is not marriage counseling. It is a systematic approach to help couples achieve healthy communication, gain skills in resolving conflicts and help them in dealing with negative reaction cycles. Couples will learn how to motivate one another by meeting each other’s needs. Even those who feel helpless in their relationship will experience understanding, forgiveness, reconciliation, change, and hope.

All marriages hit rough spots and experience areas of miscommunication and tension. This can be due to a variety of different influences. The ultimate goal of marriage mentoring is to make healthy marriages stronger, heal hurting marriages, and set engaged couples up for success in their journey together as husband and wife.

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Marriage Mentor Training

How long is this?

Marriage Mentors walk beside a couple through a 10-week program, meeting with their mentees once per week.

Who is this for?
  • Couples Getting Married
  • Couples Who Want To Enrich Their Marriage
  • Couples Struggling In Their Marriage
What are the benefits?

As the couple walks through this 10-week program, they can expect to experience:

  • Improved Communication & Problem-solving Skills
  • A Stronger Relationship With God
  • An Increased Commitment Level To One Another
  • Encouragement & Hope
  • New, Healthy Behavior Patterns
  • Accountability
  • A New Life Plan

This program will greatly decrease the risk of divorce for those who implement the skills that they learn.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $50 per couple, which includes:

  • A Notebook For Each Person
  • A Confidential Survey To Help Mentors Identify The Strengths & Weaknesses in the Couple’s Relationship
  • A Marriage Mentor’s Couple To Help Guide Them Trough The 10 Week Program
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