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ThiS weekend

From shepherd boy to giant-slayer, David is one of the most famous men of the Bible. Join us this weekend as we begin a brand-new series entitled, “David”.  Over the next four weeks, we will unpack the life of this legendary leader and discover the faithfulness of God in his life that is available to us today.  God has a purpose and a plan with a hope we will live out the life He has called us to lead.



Last weekend

In this message, Pastor Erik will guide you through practical ways that God speaks and how you can hear God clearly in your life.



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We are passionate about reaching people and building lives through the message of Jesus Christ. 

Next Steps

You were created on purpose, with a purpose. No matter the stage of life you are in, there is a next step for you.

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We are providing internship opportunities where students can receive spiritual development, leadership development, and practical ministry.



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